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Sydney Outdoor Wedding, Sydney Wedding, Sydney Wedding Venues, Sydney Ceremony locations, Sydney Beach WeddingsHow to Select the Perfect Beach Wedding Venue

For many couples a beach is the perfect place to exchange their wedding vows with soft warm sand underfoot and a gorgeous view of the ocean. There are many locations in Sydney that you can get married with the sand beneath your feet!

Before you begin your search for the ultimate beach wedding venue there are a few things you should look out for. Here are key tips on choosing the perfect beach wedding venue:

1. Check out the character of the beach

Where exactly is the beach? If it’s in a sheltered cove the water should be fairly calm and there shouldn’t be too much wind. If it’s fully exposed to the ocean, however, that could be a very different story, as it can be difficult to set up a gorgeous Bamboo Canopy in peak wind.

Also in planning a beach wedding it is a great idea to get familiar with the tides, it never hurts to check what time the tide starts to come in, in case you end up running late.

Finally make sure you have a good look at the beach and find out how private it is. It might look great in the photos but if there is a beach bar, or worse still a nudist beach right next to it, your ceremony might not be quite as serene as you imagine!

2. Plan the set up for your ceremony

Your guests may have dressed casually for your beach wedding but they probably still won’t want to sit on the sand. Check where the chairs will be and whether their will be an aisle for you to walk down. Ask your beach wedding supplier or decoration company if they can provide some sort of altar or archway to act as a focal point for the ceremony.  Circle of Love tends to have some great beach wedding décor to make your wedding special.

Are there any restrictions as to what you can do on the beach? Can your guests throw confetti? Can you have a drinks on the beach after the ceremony before you move onto your wedding breakfast?  The best way to check is with your local council.

3. What are the facilities like at the venue?

Ideally your venue should have direct access to the beach.

If the beach is a long way from the venue find out what the facilities on the beach are like. Your guests won’t enjoy the ceremony if they are desperate to go to the toilet.

If you want to have the ceremony on the beach but your reception inside make sure you look for a venue that has a great view over the ocean; an ocean view terrace would be perfect.

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Sydney Outdoor Wedding, Sydney Wedding, Sydney Wedding Venues, Sydney Ceremony locations, Sydney Beach Weddings